Kleos (Android / iOS) links plants, sounds and people in the space, associating the species of the gardens sound fragments that are activated and combined depending on the proximity of the users. In this way we propose to generate a linked sound experience with the unique spaces and species that surround us, that are present, propitiating that its sound expression materialize precisely to the approach and pay attention, without further interaction. We pretend like this, promote a “horizon of events” where the musical experience and the immanent garden experience (aromas, textures, colors, etc.) are Feedback with intensity in a synesthetic experience.

Complementing this experience, the KLEOS WEB version allows the virtual walker to trace routes on the map from home, connecting at a compositional level the botanical species and the associated sound fragments, so that, as opposed to the linear reproduction of the score, kleos web allows you to reproduce infinite readings of the work, linking plants, sounds and stories through virtual walks traced by you.

The first KLEOS SEVILLA experience has been created within the framework of the Cosmopolitan Garden Neighborhood Lights project promoted by the Culture Area of the City of Seville in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía and the Commission for the Commemoration of the V Centenary from the first round the world (1519-1522). The second prototype has been KLEOS DORAMAS (2020), a specific proposal developed in collaboration with Salan Producciones for the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with the desire to transform the park into an art and citizen science laboratory. The third proposal located is KLEOS CRISTINA ENEA (2020), promoted by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Spain within the framework of the VI Culture and Citizenship Meeting, in order to connect botanically Tabakalera with the Cristina Enea Foundation.

* Kleos app and web have been designed by Nomad Garden created in collaboration with Datrix Intelligence and Antropoloops that allows sound compositions or creative audio guides in parks and gardens of cities.
Kleos app and Kleos web is an activity subsidised by the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Spanish Government.
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