We contemplate urban landscapes as emerging systems with the capacity to re-adapt based on the interrelation of their own elements. We understand that other more sustainable interactions are possible in cities, as they are already happening spontaneously. That is why we like to think of projects as opportunities to discover these latent potentialities, as well as to design actions and devices that allow us to consolidate the most creative and resilient tendencies.
With this aspiration, we have realized projects like: Neighborhood’s Lights , Sevilla’s urban orchards network, Serene paths, Garden dv’s cellar , etc.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria, 2022)  work in progress
Quimera game
Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife 2022) work in progress
Diseño paisajístico
centro histórico de Olvera (Cádiz 2022) work in progress
Kleos Santa Marina
(Sevilla, 2022) work in progress
Fábulas Quiméricas 
(Sevilla 2021)
Terpenos en el Aire
(Sevilla 2021)
Diseño paisajístico
Plaza de la Mercé (Huelva 2021)
Diseño paisajístico
Parque Palmones (Cádiz 2021)
Kleos Cristina Enea
(San Sebastián, 2020)
Kleos Doramas (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 2020)
Jardines en el Aire (Sevilla 2020)
Noche Naranja (Sevilla 2019)
Jardín Cosmopolita
(Sevilla 2018)
Jardines escolares (Sevilla 2017)
Huertos Urbanos
(Sevilla 2016)
Luces de barrio
(Sevilla 2015)
San Juan de Buena Planta (San Juan de Aznalfarache - 2018, 2019)
Arboleda digital (Área de educación, Ayuntamiento de Sevilla, 2017)
Bases y estrategias para la creación de la red de huertos urbanos de Sevilla (Gerencia de Urbanismo, Sevilla 2016)
Intervención en el jardín Descalzos Viejos Ronda (2016)