Garden Atlas

is a digital platform designed by Nomad Garden for a new view on the gardens. A tool that, linking art and technology, allows to identify the species of a garden without being an expert; measures the environmental effects they generate; creates content or events in a easy way; displais information in an attractive way with delicate texts, images and maps; Disseminating the content through the web and mobile, or forming part of a community where gardens such as the Real Alcázar of Seville, The Magellan GardenMaría Luisa Park, and entities such as the Patronato del Real Alcázar de Seville, IAPH (Andalusian Institute of Historical Heritage), MECD (Ministry of Education and Culture of the Government of Spain), Seville City Council and the Spanish Association of Parks and Public Gardens. Additionally we offer services of creation and management of contents of the gardens, as well as services of design and sale of associated products like botanical maps, postcards with seeds, etc.   /   Dossier PDF (descarga 7Mb)